jonas hohnke

exhibition views

day by day | gallery groelle pass:projects | wuppertal | 2020

untitled (water level) bronze, parts polished, 2020 (image: juergen groelle)
exhibition video: tach zu tach

transformative exhibition – status III | schwanenmarkt 1 – laboratory for art and social reserch | bochum | 2020

untitled (fountains), water pumps, copper, toilets, 2020


traum von natur | kuenstlerverein malkasten – malkasten park | duesseldorf | 2020

single-cloud, steel, banner, 280x260x400 cm, 2020

Jaana Caspary, Felix Contzen, Alexander Föllenz, Jonas Hohnke, Yi Zheng Lin, Vera Lossau, Wilhelm Mundt,
Mercedes Neuß, Martin Schwenk, Paul Schwer, Viktoria Strecker & Severin Spengler, Emil Walde,
curated by Wilko Austermann.

jonas hohnke | surface under ground | art site of railway warehouse | hsinchu city | taiwan | 2020

untitled (wl/wl), 2020, untitled (meter) version: art site of railway warehouse, 2020

untitled (wl/wl), 6x water levels 40 cm, 4x water levels 60 cm 2x L walls, 2020

untitled (r/b), version: art site of railway warehouse, 2020

exhibition weblink:

photo credits: fixer photographic studios

male dilabuntur male parta | jonas hohnke & special guests | neuland project-room | bochum | 2019

participating artists:
jaana caspary, jenny delhasse, helmut dietz, bert didillion, christian forsen, anett frontzek, jochen damian fischer,
christian gode, paul dieter haebich, rené haustein, charlotte perrin ,justyna janetzek, bernd kastner, till-martin
koester, roman lang, david rauer, mira sasse, matthias schamp, samuel treindl

exhibition view: male dilabuntur male pata | 15.11.2019

ausstellungsansicht: male dilabuntur male pata | 06.12.2019

fabric of art | alte bandfabrik kaiser & dicke | wuppertal | 2019

white cube, bouncy castle (special edition), 450x400x280 cm, 2019

white cuber, view from the inside

raum + objekt XV ‚raumorientierung‘ | kunstmuseum gelsenkirchen | 2019

untitled (w/c)
pissoir, sync,

untitled (cable),
ca. 600x4x4 cm,

box | neuer kunstverein wuppertal | wuppertal | 2019

parts of desk,
a4 prints
ca. 400x1200x4 cm,

arts ephemeres 11e edition – le flux | parc de la maison blanche | marseille | france | 2019

single-cloud, print on transparent banner, steel-pipes, ca. 240x400x280 cm, 2019

co-curated by charlotte perrin

Arts éphémères 2019 Marseille

acht zehn neun zehn | group exhibition | kunsthalle wuppertal | 2019

untitled (w/w) variation, waterlevels, frames, installation: 560x400x3 cm, 2019

lugano | frederik foert | jonas hohnke | matthias schamp | kuenstlerdorf schoeppingen | 2019

untitled (construction), street-sign, hole, huddle, 160x250x70 cm, 2019

untitled (b/s), bread, pedestal, 120x40x30 cm, 2019

mimikry | photo weekend duesseldorf | antichambre hotel friends | duesseldorf | 2019

mimikry |  julius brauckman, jaana caspary, felix conzen,  jonas hohnke | curated by wilko austermann

aequilibrium vivat | ludwigmuseum koblenz | koblenz | 2019

partitur-shelf, version 2019 | untitled (r/b), version 2019 | frame-composition (printing marks)

untitled (2/vm), inkjet print, frames each 30x40x3 cm| untitled (zollstock III), inkjet print, frames, 170x40x3 cm

partitur-shelf, 2 shelfs, diff. objects each, diff. interpretations on piano ( florian wenzel), 2019

outlines, fineliner, bleistift, ruler, auf scale-paper, je 40×50 cm (framed), 2015

untitled (w/w) variation, 2019 | untitled (nail), version 2019

exhibition view: untitled (w/w), untitled (2/vm), untitled (zollstock III), untitled (r/b), partitur-shelf

mur brut 13 | jonas hohnke: starting point | kunsthalle duesseldorf | duesseldorf | 2019

mur brut 13, starting point (detailk), wall paint on wall, 533×228 cm, 2019

mur brut 13, starting point, wallpainting, 2019

Over time, places of mobility, especially when used for the daily commute, have lost their sensual energy. Actions
repeated over a hundred times, sounds and scents that are perceived daily in places of return – they all are ignored
in the course of continuous experiences.

The basis for Jonas Hohnkes artistic work are always local conditions: In this case the shutting of a car door, a
motor being started, the humming sound of a car driving away. With the help a field recording he concentrates
these sounds of mobility in a visually perceptible audio track reflecting the typical soundscape of an underground
car park. As an extension of the blue marking on the wall, this soundscape in its media expanded form now clearly
visible re-enters the space.

Text: Raphael Nocken | Curator MUR BRUT 13, Jonas Hohnke ‚starting point‘, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

nordwestkunst 2019 – die nominierten | kunsthalle wilhelmshaven | wilhelmshaven | 2019

towell-installation, 20 towells each 50×100 cm, installation: 450x373x20 cm, 2019

was ist wahr | kunstmuseum singen | singen | 2019

untitled (r/o), wall – and floor paint on canvas/pedestal, 2019

8. sculpture-project hardt | botanical garden wuppertal | 2018

meadow-straightening, 60 artificial green right angled ordered, 2018

panikraum | darmstaedter sezession | kuenstlerhaus ziegelhuette | darmstadt

untitled (p/r), wood-construction, soil, course grass, ca. 160x175x260 cm, 2018

transfer | jonas hohnke | kunstverein galerie januar | bochum

tape, ink jet prints, frames 24×30 cm / 30×30 cm, 3x30x196 cm, 2017
untiteled (sockel) III + IV, 30x30x60 cm, 20x20x80 cm, 2018
exhibition view: kunstverein galerie januar, 1. floor, bochum 2018

untiteled (w/w), corner left below, 15 water-levels, frames, 40×50 cm, 2018
untiteled (w/w) square, 16 water-levels, 16 rahmen, je 15×15 cm, 2018
exhibition view: kunstverein galerie januar, 1. floor, bochum 2018

score-shelf, 2 shelfs, versch.objects each 2x, different interpretationen on piano (from rasmus zschoch),
exhibition view: kunstverein galerie januar, ground floor, 2018

sandwich-transfer, video, 2018
outlines, fine.liner on scale-paper, 2015-2016
exhibition view: kunstverein galerie januar, ground floor, bochum 2018

fire-place, 15 char-cole sacks, 2013
trunk I-III, pillows, vdifferent sizes, 2018
exhibition view: kunstverein galerie januar, basement, bochum 2018

ichduduwir | jaana caspary | jonas hohnke | charlotte perrin | galerie groelle pass:projects | wuppertal

untiteled (r/b) VIII, ink jet print, frame, 52,5×52,5×15, 2018
meter III (corner), ink jet prints, frames, 170×40 cm, 2017
ausstellungsansicht: galerie groelle pass:projects 2018


untitled (masks), high-grade steel, vanish, different sizes, 2017
ausstellungsansicht: galerie groelle pass:projects, 2018


untitled (s/b), ink jet prints, deep-frames, shadow, different size, 2018
ausstellungsansicht: galerie groelle pass:projects, 2018

untiteled (print-paper), frame-composition, pigmentprint, frame, different. size, 80x400x20 cm, 2018
ausstellungsansicht: galerie groelle pass:projects, raum2, 2018

untiteled (w/w) corner right below, 15 water-levels, frame, 40×50 cm, 2018
ausstellungsansicht: galerie groelle pass:projects, raum2, 2018

jonas hohnke | c/o | neue kunst im hagenbucher | heilbronn

c/o room4 kitchen, untitled (garage), pigment-print framed, neue kunst im hagenbucher, heilbronn

c/o room1, installation view neue kunst im hagenbucher, heilbronn
untitled (r/o), print on canvas, dimensions variable, print on table-cloth, 80×110 cm 2017

c/o room1, installation view neue kunst im hagenbucher, heilbronn
untitled (curtain), print on curtain, 85×195 cm, 2017

c/o room2, installation view: neue kunst im hagenbucher, heilbronn
untitled (meter III), ink jet prints, frames, 170×40 cm, 2017

c/o raum3, installation view: neue kunst im hagenbucher, heilbronn
untitled (nail), mp3-player, nail, head phones, sound, 13 sec. (loop), 2017

lokale gruppe | 38. jahresausstellung der darmstaedter sezzesion | kunsthalle darmstadt

untitled (r/b) II+III,
inkjet prints,
50x60x18 cm/
20x20x12 cm,
installation view:
kunsthalle darmstadt,

untitled (r/b) IV+V,
inkjet prints,
100x70x18 cm/
30x40x15 cm,
installation view:
kunsthalle darmstadt,
main hall,

untitled (r/b) VI+VII,
inkjet prints,
50x50x15 cm/
30x40x12 cm,
installation view:
kunsthalle darmstadt,
west wing,