jonas hohnke

metrorecordings, [sound] 2012-2013

jonas hohnke .hp metrorecordings.front:back

cover front/back, 12” record,7 tracks,
duration: 15.28 min.,
edition 10,
paris, 2012-2013

jonas hohnke.metrorecordings.rome-blanche
audio: rome-blanche (cut out) 1.36 min.

jonas hohnke .m.a.1.72

ausstellungsansicht kunsthalle muenster 2013

in this work, sound recordings that have been recorded in the paris subway system melt together into a music album. the recordings were all started as soon as musicians started playing and end at the respective arrival station or with the end of song. the position remained unchanged during the entire recording period so that the sound quality of the music being played isn‘t consistent at all times and, to a varying degree, blends in with noises from the environment. the recordings were combined in a vinyl album in order to enhance the aspect of the sequence that is listened to. the cover design provides a visual description of the recordings.